Hi..Viewers..I wish to all. This is Vinoth. This is where I try to condense everything that you need to know about me into a single page.

I love thinking really abstractly and solving puzzles but I'd rather not be bothered with troublesome details and I'll happily let someone else actually implement my ideas. I can't stand crowds and am very uncomfortable in large groups of unfamiliar people.

Tall (185.5cm [over 6 ft.]) thin (56kg) Black eyes and dark hair.

I 'm a vegetarian and also non vegetarian. Although I also love to try strange new foods whenever the opportunity arises.

In May of 2006 I finished MCA at Bharathidasan University, Trichirappalli.

Now I started to working with DotNet as a Programmer. Every day I learn something new, but I also find that many of the lessons from the past still apply

I'm passionate about a great many things and continually learning about the things that interest me. They are wearable computers, User Interface Design, Artificial life, Industrial music.

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Sen said...

Hi machan.. Your blog is too nice da.

But i have one doubt. In Introduction...

What is that, I am a vegetarian and also non-vegetarian...?

Wishes. God bless you.