How to sum previous rows value SqlServer?

I needed to write a query for sum the values with the previous row value in current row of a column. So that I have written a single query after a long googled. Here I am trying to give you what I have done.

I have a table with three fields Id, Name and Mark. I have values of all fields like as follows.

Id Name Mark
--- ----- -----

1 aaaa 10
2 bbbb 20
3 cccc 30

Now I wants to get the results set of that table like as

Id Name Mark
--- ----- -----

1 aaaa 10
2 bbbb 30

3 cccc 60

So I need a single select query to do this performance. For that I have written a query using cross join.

Code Snippets for Table and Query

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Marks]( [Id] [bigint] NOT NULL, [Name] [varchar](50) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL, [Mark] [bigint] NOT NULL ) ON [PRIMARY]

select * from Marks

select a.Id, a.Name, sum(b.Mark) as Mark
from Marks a cross join Marks b
where b.Id <= a.Id group by a.Id, a.Name

Hence we have done the fetching the result set for sum of the previous rows in sql server.

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